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What good you want for PLN 18.60


Good coffee


Good burger


Only good






Challenge: PLN 90 000 every month.

No, it’s not a mistake. Monthly, we lack PLN 90 k., despite the actions taken. (data for 1 Jan 2020). And yet we have obligations to our patients.


In the Oncology Hospice Foundation, we carry out many actions to fill this financial gap. In 2013, we launched a campaign to encourage continued support for the Foundation. As you know, regular donors are a real treasure for every organization. Our activities run under the slogan “18.60”.




Whence 18.60?

In 2013, we set a goal to get the missing amount from fixed monthly payments. At that time financial gap, divided by the number of donors, amounted to PLN 18.60. But not everyone supports us cyclically. Hence, we run the activities encouraging for regular help.


Regardless of the target of 80 thousand, every PLN 18,60 means specific help for our patients. For the equivalent of a good coffee or a burger you can buy:

For 18,60 zł Monthly
Annual cost
400 latex gloves 18 k. PLN 10 k.
5 posiłków dla pacjentów hospicjum stacjonarnego 3.5 k. PLN 155 k.
3/4 dzienniej dawki leków dla pacjentów hospicjum stacjonarnego 26,2 k. PN 315 k.


Data for 2020

What if we don’t help?

Exactly! Maybe it is better not to share your money? Yet you work for yourself, right? Maybe don’t do anything that will make you lose. Maybe nobility is actually a weakness, and good coffee or burger is more important than supporting the sick? Maybe you don’t have to change the world because everything is… OK?


Or maybe it’s better to do something good?!

What do you get?

Above all, the feeling that you do good. A pure satisfaction from helping other men. Only so much and so much. You can also deduct your donation from your income tax. And one more thing. Twice a year, you’ll get a letter of thanks 🙂
We guarantee that supporting the hospice gives you more joy than even the best coffee and fantastic burger together.

How to support

That’s easy! You can use the traditional or electronic transfer. The amount of donation is up to you!

Traditional bank transfer

St. Christopher's

Oncology Hospice Foundation

Pileckiego 105, 02-781 Warsaw

Bank Pekao S.A.

68 1240 5963 1111 0000 4799 9077

transfer title: "18.60”

Click here to download transfer form
Electronic transfer via PayU
payu Support


Join 18.60!

Provide information about it to family, friends, and neighbors. Thanks on behalf of our patients:)