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Help us

“You must live for another

if you wish to live for yourself.”

Seneca the Younger

Being socially responsible means investing in the protection of the environment, human resources, and relationships with the company. It is also informing about these actions, which contribute to increasing the company’s competitiveness and shaping the conditions for sustainable social and economic development.

We invite you to join the group of socially responsible companies.
FHO offers you a wide range of cooperation possibilities: employee volunteering, expert support (training, consulting), events and campaigns sponsorship, donations, payroll, actions prepared especially for your employees.


A donation is one of the basic forms of support for the Foundation. In addition to the financial support,  you can also help by donation in kind.


Sponsorship (provision sided) is an alternative to the financial or in-kind donations.

Expert support

Expert business knowledge and modern technologies are undeniable support for the Foundation. We invite you to share your knowledge, experience, and skills (for training, workshops and educational activities).

Employee volunteering

Employee volunteering is a long-term social program for a responsible employer that promotes and enables voluntary, social engagement among its employees. It is based on the voluntary involvement of employees in activities addressed to organizations and social initiatives.

We invite you to share your time, experience and passion, and to commit to the Foundation and our patients.


For those who would like to regularly support our foundation, Payroll is a very good option. It is a practice of automatic deduction, with the consent of the employee, a certain amount of his or her monthly salary for social and charitable. It requires a written declaration of the destination and amount of the grant, which can be determined by the amount, percentage or eg as the “tip” of the payment. The employee can freely adjust the amount of the deduction and at any time cancel the participation in the program. The Payroll program gives employees the opportunity to take advantage of tax credits from donations.

The Oncological Hospice Foundation highlights the collaboration by placing the Partner’s logo on its website, putting it on print materials released during the collaboration period, and presenting it publicly in its activities.

We encourage you to download a short presentation on CSR in FHO.

We make every cooperation on an individual basis.
In order to determine the conditions and possibilities of cooperation we invite you to contact us:

Marcin Milczarski, e-mail: marcin.milczarski@fho.org.pl
Karolina Chojka-Bartoszko e-mail: marketing@fho.org.pl

Contact us


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