Since 2015, our Foundations has run Fields of Hope program. The Fields bloom in urban areas, in parks, in front of schools, kindergartens, hospitals, in every convenient place for flowers.


Fields of Hope goals:

  • education on methods of working with terminally ill people and with mourners,
  • promoting altruistic and open to the other, especially the suffering man, attitudes in the society,
  • encouraging young people to engage in practical help for suffering people,
  • acquiring the funds needed for the ongoing operation of the Oncology Hospice Foundation.


Possible forms of implementation of the Fields of Hope program by educational institutions:

  • collecting daffodil bulbs or money for their purchase,
  • planting Fields of Hope,
  • organizing volunteer groups,
  • arranging lectures on the concept of hospice,
  • organizing and/or contributing to collections in shopping malls,
  • organizing and/or participating in charity runs, marches, matches or other forms of physical activity, according to ideas and projects of children and youth,
  • arranging concerts, charity performances, according to ideas and projects of children and youth,
  • arranging fairs, according to ideas and projects of children and youth,
  • organizing competitions, eg. artistic, literary, photographic, according to ideas and projects of children and youth,
  • preparing daffodils of tissue paper, crepe, felt, origami in the classroom,
  • cutting of daffodils and participating in collections
  • participation in competitions for schools, participation in festivals, picnics and collections organized by our Foundation within the framework of Fields of Hope program.


Have a look at the Field of Hope 2nd edition finale!


Fields of Hope 2nd edition: 

31 educational institutions

We collected PLN 106 965,59

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Fields of Hope 1nd edition: 

29  educational institutions

We collected PLN 67 780,16

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