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About us

Foundation Management Board

The Board of St. Christopher’s Oncology Hospice Foundation consists of five members, including the President. The Board manages the Foundation’s activities, acts as representatives of the foundation, bears responsibility for the implementation of adopted programs, manages the Foundation’s annual implementation plans and all organizational, financial and economic matters.

Management Board Members


Dorota Jasińska
Chairman of the Board

A political science graduate at the College of Communication and Social Media, Ms. Jasińska began her professional career in 1989 with the US Embassy as an assistant to the press attaché and later to the political and military attaché. She gained further experience between 1993 – 1999 in the commercial sector as a marketing communication specialist for Coca-Cola Services and Ericsson Polska. However, the soul of a community worker led her to the non-governmental organization of the Polish Union of Oncology. And she has been working since 2000 until today as the Director of the Office of the Board. The experience gathered in this role allowed us to accept Ms. Jasińska as a Chairman of the Board of St. Christopher’s Oncology Hospice Foundation in 2010.

Marek Rafalski
Member of the Board

Dr. Rafał Krajewski

Dr. Krajewski graduated from the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Warsaw in 1983. Shortly after graduation, he started working as an editor in a publishing house. Between the years of 1984 -1990, he was involved in scientific and didactic work. Between 1991 – 2001 he worked at various companies in the private sector, including TUiR WARTA S.A. (Deputy Director of the voivodship branch, Member of the Management Board and Deputy Head of the Head Office Department.

Between 2001- 2007 Dr. Krajewski worked in the Masovian Regional Health Fund, then in the Masovian OW NFZ (function: Director of the Benefit Control Department). He currently manages health care facilities in Radom and Warsaw. His hobbies include music (classic – especially Baroque music, Bach, Mozart, Zelenka, jazz Oscar Peterson and rock Pink Floyd), piano and photography.

His life motto is: “All theory, dear friend, is grey. But the golden tree of actual life springs ever green.” (J.W.Goethe,” Faust”).

dr Karolina Włostowska

Doctor of Health Sciences and a graduate of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Medical University of Warsaw. Assistant Professor at the Department of Clinical Nursing at the Medical University of Warsaw and Guardian of the Student Scientific Circle of Palliative Medicine.

Dr. Włostowska’s research interests focus on the effectiveness of palliative care. She is a Participant in foreign internships (UK, India, Ukraine, Moldova). Within St. Christopher’s Oncology Hospice Foundation, Dr. Włostowska’s is the Head Nurse and holds the ELNEC trainer certificate (End of Life Nurse Education Course).

dr Ewa Bochner

Born in 1971 in Lublin, but “always” associated with Zamość, Dr. Bochner graduated from the Medical Academy of Warsaw in 1996.  Her entire professional career has been connected with palliative care (Palliative Medicine Clinic in Zamość, Caritas Hospice in Warsaw). Her specialization and interests are internal diseases and palliative medicine.

Dr. Bochner has been working at St. Christopher’s Oncology Hospice Foundation since 2006 and she is the Head of Department at the hospice.

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