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Home hospice doctors

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email: lekarze@fho.org.pl

Head of Hospital Ward: MD Ewa Bochner

Home Care Manager: MD Ewa Tragarz

Home hospice doctors are responsible for providing medical services in accordance with the best principles of medical practice, particularly current standards of palliative medicine and the principles of medical ethics.


Doctors cooperate with nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, and a chaplain. In the case of a home hospice, doctors also cooperate with home care coordinators.


The physician’s tasks include firstly, pain management and symptomatic treatment of patients, in addition to providing comprehensive information about the state of health of the patient to any person nominated by the patient.

Department Employees:

MD Zenon Wawer
MD Ewa Tragarz
MD Anna Węcławek
MD Paweł Pawłowski
MD Maciej Jesionowski
MD Małgorzata Siwińska
MD Martyna Stadnik
MD Katarzyna Bargieł
MD Mateusz Spałek
MD Piotr Krawczyk
MD Agnieszka Mieszkowska
MD Artur Cywiński
MD Mirosław Kiedrowski
MD Bartosz Spławski
MD Tomasz Bogusz
MD Mirosława Półgrabia

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