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About us

Home hospice nursing

tel: 22 643-38-17

email: hospicjum.domowe@fho.org.pl

Coordinator: Małgorzata Pankowska

The Home Hospice service operates in the Warsaw districts of Śródmieście, Mokotow, Stegien, Sadyba, Służewiec, Wilanów, Ursynów, Kabaty and Piaseczno.


It provides care to patients that have completed oncological treatment. Home Hospice provides comprehensive medical care and patient services including:


Doctor visits (twice a month)
Nurse visits (twice a week)
Physiotherapist visits (at the request of the attending physician)
Psychologist visits (at the request of the attending physician)


Patients under care can rent medical equipment free of charge. The task of Home Hospice is to ensure the highest quality of life by relieving pain.

Department employees:

Oliwia Wikieł

Beata Swat

Anna Piłat-Jankowska

Urszula Sielska

Emilia Anioł

Emilia Studzińska

Krystyna Pruszyńska

Ewa Szulawska

Hanna Tanchowicz

Małgorzata Pankowska

Monika Idzińska

Irmina Kwaśniewska

Monika Jendrych

Elżbieta Zachaj

Agata Szostek

Iwona Starczewska

Beata Kalinowska

Kwiatkowska Katarzyna

Korczak Dorota

Bucholc Marzena

Contact us


St. Christopher’s

Oncology Hospice Foundation


Pileckiego 105 Street,

02-781 Warszawa


Tel / Fax: +48 (22) 643 57 08