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Instead of flowers

Wedding collections

A wedding is a special day in the life of a couple in love. It is a moment when two separate paths intertwine into one to give rise to something good. Newlyweds not only can celebrate with their guests but also share happiness with the needy in this beautiful time. More and more couples choose to replace flowers for the support for our hospice.

Funeral collections

Instead of flowers and wreaths for the funeral, the family and friends may choose to fund the needy. The collection is conducted by FHO volunteers. Raised money is a significant support for our hospice patients.

A good choice

Buy flowers or support the Foundation?

Flowers are a beautiful accent during the ceremony but eventually, they fade and get to the trash bin… And financial support given to the Foundation is a specific help. We spend the collected money for medicines, meals for patients, water, electricity. Collection instead of flowers is an act of friendship for which hospice patients will be truly grateful.

How to organize the issue?

1. Include the FHO collection “Instead of flowers” on the invitations.

2. Contact us by phone: +48 734 412 092 or by e-mail: to set the place and date of the collection.

3. Our volunteers will appear on the ceremony with the money box and it will start a discreet collection in the indicated place and time.

4.  FHO volunteers will give the money box to the Foundation.

5. After the Commission has calculated the amount collected, we will contact you and inform you about the result of the collection.

6. We will send you official thanks and, with your permission, we will also publish it on our facebook profile.