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Patient zone

“You must live for another

if you wish to live for yourself.”

Seneca the Younger

When should you use the physiotherapist’s help?

If the following symptoms appear:

  • myofascial pain caused by prolonged immobilization,
  • dyspnoea,
  • swelling of the limbs,
  • constipation,
  • dysphagia,
  • the weakening of muscle strength,
  • problems in movement,
  • long-term immobilization.

Working methods:

  • PNF (the method is intended to recreate lost functions and learn how to use them in everyday life activities),
  • NDT Bobath (method aimed at obtaining independence in life and use your abilities regardless of the damage),
  • soft tissue therapy (a method of fighting contractures and myofascial pain),
  • manual therapy (a method involving the examination and treatment of peripheral joints and the spine)
  • comprehensive anti-edema therapy (includes: manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, movement exercises, patient education)
  • kinesiology taping of the so-called combs; a method used in analgesic, orthopedic, sports, neurological, pediatric, postoperative, gynecological, oncological physiotherapy).

In order to appoint a meeting or gaining additional information please contact Iwona Drewnik, Physiotherapists Team Coordinator – phone no. + 48 500 029 530.


Physiotherapists Team:

  • Martyna Baranowska, MA
  • Iwona Drewnik, MA
  • Bogumiła Litwińska, MA
  • Emilia Łapiak-Pasiorowska, MA
  • Emilia Sałyga, MA
  • Małgorzata Węgrzynek, MA


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