Patient zone

“You must live for another

if you wish to live for yourself.”

Seneca the Younger

Conversations with a psychologist can be both: a form of spending free time and a tool that allows the patient to organize life events and give them meaning. They also give the possibility of releasing experienced emotions.


Psychological support for a hospice patient includes:

  • explaining the emotional states and reactions experienced by the patient and his circle in the current life situation,
  • help in adapting to hospitalization at hospice ward,
  • support in the communication process with close relatives, other patients, and FHO staff.


  • mobilizes for activity and cooperation during nursing and rehabilitation procedures,
  • if possible, accompanies important events for the Patient (both difficult and joyful),
  • supports the patient experiencing the symptoms of the disease,
  • determines the source of psychological discomfort due to other reasons than general health condition.

Psychologist Team also supports the patient’s family, friends, and carers. Its role, among others, is to:

  • help in adapting to the new life situation,
  • explanation of emotional states and reactions experienced by the patients and his or her circle,
  • help in the understanding of strongly experienced emotions/feelings (anger, helplessness, fear),
  • mobilize persons accompanying the patient to look after themselves,
  • support communication with the patient, other patients, FHO staff,
  • support the process of experiencing mourning (help in passing through individual stages and in achieving balance).

Families and carers whose relatives were under home or stationary hospice care can get psychological help within a year after the death of a loved one.

There is also a possibility of getting free of charge psychological consultations for those who are experiencing mourning, even if their loved ones were not FHO patients.

Meetings are led by Katarzyna Proć and Barbara Smolik.
They take place every second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM.

Telephone reservation is necessary.

Place of consultation: 

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500 029 533 – Katarzyna Proć
507 177 916 – Barbara Smolik

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