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Coordinator: Dorota Han-Malicka

Psychological services include activities addressed to patients as well as their families/carers under Hospice and Home Hospice care.

 The Psychologists team assists in the area of:

ADAPTATION to the new situation related to cancer,

EXPLANATION of emotional states and reactions experienced by the patient and their environment in the current life situation,

MOBILIZATION for activity and cooperation during nursing, rehabilitation, and medical procedures,

STEADY a source of psychological discomfort due to other reasons than the general health of the patient.

The psychologist also:

ACCOMPANIES (if possible) in important events for the patient (both difficult and joyful),

GIVES an understanding of strongly experienced emotions/feelings,

SUPPORTS the patient and their relatives,

Families and carers can receive FREE psychological help after the death of a loved one.

Department employees:

Ewa Kalińska

Katarzyna Proć

Dorota Han-Malicka

Barbara Smolik-Majewska

Fr. The canon of psychological dr Tomasz Małkiński

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