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Didactic activity

Center is accredited by the Warsaw Regional Medical Chamber to train doctors in the field of palliative medicine, accreditation of the Ministry of Health for the specialization of palliative medicine for doctors and specialist internships in the field of home care and stationary hospice, in cooperation with the training department.


  • Training in palliative medicine.
    NOTE: the palliative care training registrations are received on a regular basis.
    Contact: Grażyna Kulik tel. 22 544 06 73, e-mail: szkolenia@fho.org.pl
    The completed course gives qualification for physicians to work in palliative medicine centers.
  • Specialization of physicians in palliative medicine.



  • Qualification course for nurses in palliative care as part of postgraduate education.
    Contact: Grażyna Kulik tel. 22 544 06 73, e-mail: szkolenia@fho.org.pl



  • Specialist course in the field of comprehensive physiotherapy of patients with secondary lymphoedema.
    Contact: Grażyna Kulik tel. 22 544 06 73, e-mail: szkolenia@fho.org.pl

Scientific activity

Independent scientific research conducted by Jerzy Jarosz, MD, in cooperation with Małgorzata Czaplinska, on the effectiveness of pain management and the development of palliative medicine. In 2013 a speech was published at the Congress:

  • Life-giving death – Bialystok
  • Contemporary Challenges of Psychology. The role of support in adapting to cancer. Gdańsk 2013
  • Poster session “The specificity of the psychologist’s work at home and stationary hospice, based on personal experience”.

Clinical trial – we are currently conducting 3 studies:

  1. A two-stage, placebo-controlled study evaluating the safety and efficacy of Sativex oral mucosa as a supportive therapy for the relief of uncontrolled, persistent, chronic pain in patients with advanced cancer, who experience insufficient analgesia even during the optimized chronic opioid treatment.
  2. Multicentre, non-comparative open follow-up study evaluating the long-term safety of Sativex oral mucosal therapy as adjunctive therapy in patients with uncontrolled persistent chronic pain of cancer.
  3. The efficacy, safety, and tolerability of oral cebranopadol compared with prolonged-release morphine sulfate in patients with chronic pain associated with moderate to severe cancer.

Cooperation within clusters with the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of the Polish Academy of Sciences (research sponsored by scientific grants):



Pain Management Cluster


The Center publishes didactic materials, textbooks.


Publications 2013

Publications 2014


The team of the scientific and didactic center consists of:

  • Jerzy Jarosz, MD – coordinator of the scientific and didactic center
  • Małgorzata Czaplińska – coordinator of clinical trials
  • Grażyna Kulik – training coordinator
  • Agnieszka Leonhard – training assistant



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