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Musisz żyć dla innych,

jeśli chcesz żyć z pożytkiem dla siebie.

Seneka Młodszy

The missing part of the funds (about 40%) is raised thanks to the generosity of all who understand the need for helping our patients and their families.

Our Foundation is not a poorhouse or a place for the rejected and the homeless. It does not mean giving up medical advice. With palliative medicine, psychological and spiritual help, our patients are still being treated. They live in dignity and without pain, no matter how much life they have left.


We hope that the local society will not remain indifferent to our charges fate. The basic feature of civil society is the awareness of its need for community, interest in community issues and a sense of responsibility for its welfare.

In 1991, the first money appearded

In 1996, the construction of the stationary hospice for 23 patients was completed. In 2009, it has been expanded, so that today, it can serve for 38 patients at the same time. Every year, our nurses, doctors, psychologists, and physiotherapists provide with professional palliative care and support more than 2,000 patients and their families at home care, and about 1,000 – in stationary hospice.

The contract with the National Health Fund and grants from the City of Warsaw provide approx. 60% of the actual cost of treatment and care.

Historical breakthrough, that occurred in 1989, made it possible to formalize this activity. In 1990, tree doctors:

Dr. Jerzy Jarosz,  Dr. Halina Hattowska and Dr.Hanna Tchórzewska  physiotherapist, together with specialists in other fields (sociology – Dr. Jerzy Drążkiewicz, law – Roma Perestaj, architecture – Jerzy Górnicki and engineering –  Witold Ignaczuk, Marek Kos), brought to life Oncological Hospice Foundation.


The first seat of the Foundation was Analgesic Clinic in the Institute of Oncology in Warsaw, the second – a small room in the Faculty of Biology building of the University of Warsaw. From that moment, Dr. Ryszard Szaniawski, who was the first and longtime Foundation CEO, joined the development team.

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