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There are many moments in our lives when we want someone to be with us. Death is also such a moment.. or perhaps even more so. Because then we set off into the unknown.

With this campaign we want to change the perception of the Hospice to encourage as many people as possible to support it. Its aim is to make the passing away be perceived as another stage of life
the importance of which is no longer disputed. Hospice is a place where those who need it can prepare for their last journey… the one into the unknown.

We believe that supporting Hospice can become a measure of the maturity of our society.



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The program will immediately calculate the amounts that you have to provide in the settlement. You don’t have to read the instructions, interpret the laws, remember everything that must be included in the declaration. Just enter your details, click and go!


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Provide the data that the program will ask you and you’re done. Before sending your settlement to the IRS, it will check the correctness of the data entered, and in case of inaccuracies it will help you to correct it.

In addition to the online settlement and computer program, you can
download the appropriate declaration from our website.


There’s FHO KRS 0000128039 – just enter the amount of 1% of the annual income tax.



 Funds endowed by payments from 1% of the annual income tax is a specific help!

Thaks to your help, yearly, we provide care for more than 3 000 patients in and around Warsaw (approx. 2 000 people at home hospice and 1 000 inward). Funds endowed by payments from 1% of your annual income tax is a specific help! We will spend them on medicines, meals for inward patients, water, electricity, as well as fuel to access patients at homes.

We’ve been helping from 27 yaers

Our hospice is not a deat house! It’s a place where, since 1990, we care about every human life, we help to enjoy every moment of life. Without pain. With dignity. Until its end. Your 1% allows us to do this continuously.







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provides Łatwe podatki.

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